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Senduo Recycle Machinery Co.,Ltd. is specialized in production of environmental protection equipments such as wire stripping machines and copper wire modules machines.It possesses over 30 sale networks all over thecountry.Business of our company is spread in all the country.Presently we are developing actively the market of Southeast Asia and Europe-America;our company is a leading enterprise to produce dismantling equipments or wire in china.

Now Qijing people have created the brilliant performance of Qijing brand through hard work of 10 years.Our factory building covers an area of 10,1000 square meters; our company owns 100 employers and 20scientific personnel.

Our company has introduced advanced management mode, scientific to organize and produce, strict demand to product quality; quality of Qijing products is improved constantly depend on ability of abundant production and scientific R&D as well as quick ability to react to market conditions.

Presently Qijing brand is going into the advanced industry to manufacture the equipments dismantling wires in the world by full-new product structure, brilliant quality and perfect after-sale service system.

Our slogan:
Your need is our progressive power;
To share the green future together with you hand by hand.

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