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Cable Granulator and Separator
Senduo Recycle Machinery Co.,Ltd.  Time:2013/12/6
Nowadays burning scrap wires / cables is not a good way to remove the insulation because it will cause environmental problems;
and because of the low efficiency, stripping by hand is not a good way, either.
The Cable Granulator and Separator is designed to recycle copper wire and cable scraps, like automobile wires, tele-communication wires, and other kinds of cables.
You only need to feed scrap copper wires and cables into the machine, and it chops scrap copper wires and cables and then separates clean copper granules from insulation granules by air force and vibration.
This Cable Granulator and Separator is a dry-type machine, no water is needed during the whole process and .
It is a very useful machine, with high efficiency to save labor and time, so it is very popular in scrap wire / cable recycling industry.
This machine is of small size and easy to move and place; it is cheap but with a long service life.
Therefore, this is a machine that is welcomed by home scrap yards and metal recycling enterprises.
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