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Metal Recycling Machinery
Senduo Recycle Machinery Co.,Ltd.  Time:2013/12/6
When things containing metals can not be used anymore, they become scraps and worth nothing if they are just dumped. However, our resources and energy are becoming less and less, so we need to think of ways to use our resources and energy much more economically. Recycling is a way that can not only save resources but also turn your scraps into cash.
Our Metal Recycling Machinery include types:
1. Cable / Wire Stripping Machine: this type is also called Cable Stripper or Wire Stripper. It works with the blades cutting into plastic or rubber sheath of scrap cables and peeling the sheath like skin off copper or aluminum cores.
2. Cable / Wire Granulator: this type is also called Cable Granulation System, Wire Recycling Plant. It chops scrap copper wires and cables and then separate copper granules from plastcs or rubber particles by air and vibration.
3. Radiator Recycling Machine: this type is used to separate copper, aluminum and other material in radiators from scrap air conditioners.
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